Monday, February 8, 2010

Why I’m a Spoiled Brat—#3

Because I’m a freelance editor, I get to work at home. This means that I can set my own hours, I don’t have to fight rush-hour traffic, I have no noisy office mates (except when my dear husband decides to work at home), and I don’t have to follow a dress code. On snowy days like today, that’s particularly welcome! (Note to self: Remember to tell the kids to shovel the walk after school.)


Stephanie and Mona said...

Now you're taunting us office working stiffs, Ann. I'm sitting at my desk in my under heated office wishing I were at home in my warm jammies and slippers. And your view is much better than my cubicle wall :)

Virginia said...

You are definitely taunting the working stiffs. :)

I would really like to not be working for a corporation right now. A small company or freelancing, doing what I love... KNITTING.

Or working with yarn, or something.

Design, graphic design. Something arty.

Well, at least I can get away with wearing my Chucks to the office and not get yelled at too much.

Ali P said...

I too stayed jammied up until after lunch hour. heh heh

Anonymous said...

I think Francesca might offer some sort of ad fee for you posing with such comfy boots/slippers. After all no ????? were harmed in making the "fleece" for those warm linings:)

T xxx said...

HA HA I got the same slipper boots for Christmas. I love them!

The Grumpy Woodchuck said...

I'm a freelance art director in publishing, also work from home. Home, for me, is a modestly-sized sheep farm in northwestern Massachusetts. I love working at home, and it would be hard to go back to an office environment.

But...once in a rare while, I miss being in an office setting. I must be crazy!