Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Full House

We are now a happy family of five again.
Last night, our oldest son returned from three months in Spain. While there, he hiked 500 miles (!) along the  El Camino de Santiago trail in the Pyrenees, then he spent three weeks each volunteering on organic farms.
I took a photo of him when he checked in at the airport back in September.
I took a photo when he got off the plane last night but I'm unable to post it--I can't seem to figure out how to email myself a photo from my iPhone. You'll have to trust me that despite much longer hair and much, much dirtier clothes, he looks about the same.
I was expecting there to be some adjustment period while we all got used to each other again, but I was not expecting the curve ball he threw my way today. He offered to make dinner! He's in the kitchen right now cooking up some sort of lentil stew thing that he learned to make on one of the organic farms. And he plans to make bread, too! Be still, my heart!


Quinnspins said...

Glad to hear he got home safe and sound!

theatreknitter said...

WOW!!! thats wonderful!!! it's amazing what a few months away from mom will do.

FYI: to mail yoursef a photo from your iphone.
1. open up the photo in the viewer
2. in the lower right hand corner of the screen, there is a little square with an arrow, click that.
3. you shoudl now see a screen that gives you options, and one is to email the photo.

ann budd said...

Thanks for the info theatreknitter. But no matter how many times I click on Email photo and no matter where I try to send it, it never goes. I think I need an appt with a genius at the Apple store.

adriene said...

Aww, what a nice surprise from your son. It's amazing what time away from home while do to a person. My mom still can't believe that I know how to clean the bathroom, and I moved from home over 10 years ago!

Paul & Carla said...

Whoa! Cooking dinner? Ask him what else he learned to cook! LOL. You know, I think maybe we baby our children a little too much. Maybe giving them some more responsibility would be good for them AND for us. Glad he's home safely, Ann. My husband and I are in our 60s but my MIL wanted us to call and report in when we got home from her house yesterday. (ca 5 hours away.) She had to know we were safe.

Kristin Nicholas said...

I think cooking lentil stew is a rite of passage to independence from your family. Cheap to make, delicious, and homey. Of course, I made it a little too many times when we were living in CO. Now Mark has a really hard time eating it.

Hope you have a great holiday with all the boys.