Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Completed Body

I finally finished knitting the body of my sweater from Briar Rose Glory Days yarn. I worked I-cord bind-offs on the sleeves and lower body, which gives a nice, unobtrusive edge. I also picked up stitches along the center front selvedges and worked I-cord bind-offs there as well. All that's left is to finish the neck. I still think I'll work a fold-over collar, but I may change my mind once I have the stitches picked up -- maybe a simple I-cord bind-off would be nice, too.


May said...

Lovely! I've never tried an I-cord bind off but you've inspired me. I think a fold-over collar would finish the sweater nicely but I tend to favour collars ;)

Needleworker said...

That is one seriously lovely colour. Look forward to seeing what you do at the neck :)