Friday, March 9, 2012

My Go-To Socks

The first edition of Sockupied devoted entirely to new socks knitters, Simply Sockupied, features my "go-to" sock pattern for knitting socks from the top down at 8 stitches/inch. Five sizes are provided to fit from children's shoe sizes 1-4 to women's 12-14/men's 11-13 shoe sizes.
 Click here to download the pc versionclick here to download the mac version.

These socks feature the stretchy but sturdy Old Norwegian (also called German) cast-on; k3, p1 ribs around the leg and instep for a comfortable fit, a round heel with heel flap and gussets, and a wedge toe finished with Kitchener stitch. You can see the socks in my designs on Ravelry.
Whenever I want a mindless project for traveling, this is what I invariably pack in my bag. Wouldn't it be fun if everyone made a pair?


floribunda said...

okay, I've made a bunch of socks, but you've convinced to check out the new issue of Sockupied! (currently, my go-to is a 3-2 rib, but maybe I'll switch to 3-1...) Thanks!

Zytigg said...

Thank you for your wonderful book
"Getting Started Knitting Socks". I am learning so much using the book that I bought Sockupied and am in the process of knitting your go to socks! The video on picking up the gusset is terrific (and I have watched many videos trying to get the hang of the gusset).

Anonymous said...

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