Monday, December 17, 2012

Coping Mechanism

Some people call it a spinning wheel; this week I'm calling mine a coping mechanism. As yet another horror unfolds in the news, I've taken to my wheel for calming monotony. I'm working on fleece that I started spinning during my class on spinning for knitting at SOAR this fall. I'm planning a three-ply yarn that will likely become some type of vest if I can every bear to wear something that currently represents such sadness.

As I spin (or knit), I'm grateful for the process and again I think that the world would be a much more peaceful place if everyone spent a bit of time in quiet contemplation.
I wish you all peace.


Anonymous said...

And, peace to you also.

Zenitude said...

Virtual hug sent to you.

Word Lily said...

Repetitive making is a great way to deal. If it were me, I bet I'd be able to use and wear the yarn, it's a way of finding good amongst all the horror.

58Teresa said...

let this garment become your comfort. Peace be with you.

Anonymous said...

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