Monday, February 25, 2013


I've gone back to my Briar Rose sweater and am almost back to where I had to rip out. This time you'll notice that the live stitches of both shoulder straps are facing the armholes as they should. I'm so proud.
I haven't minded retracing my steps on this one because I enjoy the combination of yarn and stitch pattern. I'm also motivated to get it finished before I have to put all my sweaters away for the summer.


Anonymous said...

Ann, I got into the Atlantic fibre fest but not the class that I wanted to take w/ hoo! However, I am happy to be in ANY class w/ you! Mary in Cincinnati

Anonymous said...

sorry for the second comment but I wanted to ask if anything on top down design will be in the regular how to design class? thanks, Mary in Cincinnati

ann budd said...

The regular design class will focus on bottom up but you'll be able to translate much of the information into working top down.