Sunday, February 10, 2013

Do I Feel Stupid

We all do stupid things when knitting and I'm certainly no exception. I thought I'd knit the sleeves before finishing the body so that I could get all of the shaping out of the way. Imagine my dismay when I took the waste yarn out of the saddles and realized that I had attached one in the wrong direction. The live stitches are supposed to be at each armhole edge, but they are at the neck edge on one side!
I didn't have stitch holders with me when I knitted the saddles so I put the live stitches on lengths of the working yarn. Because I didn't use contrasting yarn, I didn't notice that I had one oriented the wrong way when I picked up stitches for the back. I toyed with the idea of just picking up stitches along the cast-on edge of the errant saddle, but that would spoil the continuous line from neck to cuff and it would have been apparent (to me at least) that the stitch pattern changed directions at the join.
Here's what I can salvage: two saddles, one front, and a few balls of kinky yarn.
Thank goodness I didn't decide to knit the entire body before the sleeves!


Victoria Bolton said...

I'm thrilled you posted this. It's helpful for us beginner knitters to see that even experts make booboos, and even more helpful to hear how you solved it.

Zenitude said...

That is so maddening! As you say, at least the whole body was not completed.
It will go faster the second time around! (I hope!)

Deb Hoss said...

Ah yes, been there, done that. I just breathe (deeply), and begin again :).

Savannagal said...

Sorry to hear about your mistake. But like the other commenter, I feel a little less foolish for my mistakes when I read about others making foolish mistakes. Thanks for your post.

tutto a posto said...

I am so glad to see an expert like you makes silly mistakes too! I always think I am the only one.

Thank you for your honesty.

Maryanne & Duke said...

Bummer, but glad you noticed it now! Maybe it's my imagination, but things seem to go faster when you have to redo them.