Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Almondine--A Complete Pair

I finished the Almondine socks and happily, you can barely notice that the toes are knitted with a different yarn--I ended up using about 30 yards of Lorna's Laces for the toes. The color match is even better than I thought.

Now, before any of you start thinking that there isn't enough yardage in Kollage Sock-a-Licious to make a pair of socks, let me be perfectly clear. I chose to knit the third size for a 9" circumference, which is larger than even my big feet. And the leg measures 11 1/2" long from the top of the cuff to the base of the heel, which is 2 1/2" longer than I normally knit the legs on my socks. If I had knitted these socks at a more normal 8" circumference and worked the leg to my standard length, there would have been plenty of yarn to finish the socks. And as soon as I get another skein of this yarn I'm going to prove it by knitting a "normal" pair!


april said...

they look great and from the pic i can't even tell you had to use another yarn!

Virginia said...

They are lovely! And I can't even tell from the picture that the toes are from a different yarn.

Librarynan said...

Aubergine Almondine... Quite lovely! This pattern looks "do-able", though not knit at your lightning speed, and not in that lovely purple... I haven't any.